15 months to 2½ years

Kōwhai is a purpose built centre for toddler aged children.  It is nestled in well tended grounds with gardens and trees.  We provide education and care for children aged 15 months to 2½ years.  We endeavour to meet each child’s individual rhythms and needs as they are learning to become more independent, co-ordinated and verbal.  We work in partnership with parents and whānau to support their aspirations through this stage of development.

Our programme gives children opportunities to explore and to participate in a variety of activities that cater specifically to this age.  Staff support children to socialise positively, develop self control and acquire the many skills that children learn as they grow and become more familiar with their “world”.   We make use of the entire University campus to extend their community, by regularly going for walks to explore this environment.

Our self review sees us learning how to better meet the needs of the Tangata Whenua of Aotearoa through ongoing consultation and education of our teachers.  We value and endeavour to incorporate all cultures into our "whānau" here at Kōwhai.  We introduce the children to Te Ao Maori through singing, learning colours, numbers, greeting and simple phrases and by adopting culturally appropriate practices. 

We are passionate and dedicated staff who value the children of this age group with whom we have chosen to work.  And . . .  we love to have fun.

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