June 2020 - Hillcrest

Life is busy at Creche with lots of tamariki enjoying being back into the routine of spending time with their friends in a special place.

May 2020 - Fraser

Kia ora and welcome back to Creche after a long time away over lockdown. 

May 2020 - Hillcrest

Thank you for your support over the lockdown and Creche getting back to operating with tamariki again. 

March 2020 - Hillcrest

The weather is starting to cool down and tamariki are enjoying it not being so hot.

October 2019 - Fraser

We have had a great couple of months with trips out into the community and nature-based programmes happening regularly, along with lots of fun and creativity happening back here at Creche.

October 2019 - Hillcrest

It’s great to see tamariki enjoying the warmer weather. 

August 2019 - Fraser

What a busy couple of months we have had with lots of trips happening for our tamariki. 

August 2019 - Hillcrest

It has been so wet lately, making lots of puddles for our tamariki to stomp through!  Spring is on its way and there are spring flowers popping up everywhere.

July 2019 - Hillcrest

It has been a very busy month settling new tamariki into life here at Campus Creche.  We are very blessed to be surrounded by all these beautiful tamariki, to watch and be a part of their learning journey.

June 2019 - Fraser

We have had some nice days outside with all the children enjoying the sunshine, even though it’s a little colder.