Director’s Message

Autumn is here and we are enjoying slightly cooler days.  Children continue to enjoy the outdoors, so remember to add an extra layer when you dress them.  
I hope you all enjoyed the Easter break.  It was a lovely break to relax and spend valuable time with whānau and friends.
We have lots of children in each centre and teachers have been really busy settling new friends.  If you are concerned about how your child is settling, please do not hesitate to talk with a teacher so that you can work out some strategies together to support both you and your child.  Speaking from experience, it usually only takes a few weeks before your child won’t want to go home with you at the end of the day.
We held the Annual General Meeting for the Campus Creche Charitable Trust this week. The attendance was down considerably.  Thank you to those who did attend.  News from the Treasurer is that we made a $31,000 surplus for 2014 after a $29,000 deficit in 2013.  So our finances are steadily improving which is great news.  Copies of the audited accounts and my annual report are available in each centre if you would like to read them.
Sue Bennett, Director


Kia Ora Whekī Whānau
We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Nova and her whānau. We look forward to getting to know you and working together in partnership. Ka kite to Benjamin and his whānau who have recently transitioned to Kōwhai.
We recently celebrated Easter at Whekī and had a fun Easter Party at Kōwhai.  The Easter Bunny visited us to deliver some yummy chocolate eggs. Thanks Easter Bunny! Thank you to our whānau who came along to this event to celebrate with us. 
At the end of April, Emma will be heading off on maternity leave.  We wish Emma all the best with her new baby.  We welcome back Nona Morris to Whekī, who will be stepping into Emma’s position while she is on leave.
Ruth is going on extended leave and in her absence Jenny Chen from Kōwhai is going to be joining our team.


The Easter break is over and from what we gather from our families a lovely respite from the busyness of daily life.  
The Easter party was a great success with most of the children accepting a rather large bunny in their midst.  So that’s enough chocolate for the rest of the year then….
A big welcome to our new children, Benjamin, Jalan, Katrina and Timaima and their families.  We do hope you will all enjoy your time as part of the Kōwhai whānau.
Don’t forget that it’s almost our garage sale/ fun day on Saturday, 18 April at 8.30 am.   You will have had our flyer in March and our online reminder, so if you still have things to contribute you still have time.  
We have been having our weekly walks to the University and all the children who are here in the morning will have had a turn.  With new children and larger numbers, we have not been able to manage a trip to the Arboretum. Hopefully we can get going with these this month.                         


A huge welcome to all our new families in Nīkau. We are enjoying getting to know you all. 
Last week we had an awesome Easter party. It was great to see some parents and extended whānau attending. Didn’t the Easter bunny do well? The children enjoyed the Easter egg hunt outside and we know they certainly enjoyed eating them. 
The tamariki are really enjoying the regular excursions to the Arboretum. After careful consideration we have divided our children into two groups, older and younger children and they are taking turns at going to the Arboretum every fortnight. These excursions are working better with children of similar ages.  There are many different opportunities for them to be curious, explore, take risks and be resilient within the natural environment.   If you would like to know more about these outings please see Kelly.
Tena Koutou katoa
The year seems to moving very fast and as always very busy.  Currently our tamariki are very interested in rockets and space ships, whether it’s reading books, looking at pictures or just building ships using their imagination.  
Just recently Grannie Sue (Sue Bennett) gave some tadpoles to our tamariki to care for and watch turn into frogs.  The tamariki checked every day for frogs and all of a sudden we had 12, they were so excited.  The tank was starting to get a bit full so Lizzie, Sarah and some of the tamariki took most of the frogs to the Arboretum to release them which was awesome.  
On Thursday, 2 April Maire, Kauri and Nīkau had their annual Easter party which the tamariki enjoyed.
Hari Huritau to all the pēpe born in Paenga-whāwhā.
Kia pai te ra whānau


Kia ora from the Kauri team.
We have had a busy month with lots happening for all. 
We had a very successful whānau breakfast with many of our families able to make it and share kai and conversation with us and each other. 
We are spending some time with the children learning new songs and waiata. One of their favourites is Paradise which they are becoming very familiar with and are learning to sign in New Zealand sign language. Singing and music help children to develop literacy and vocabulary while developing listening and watching skills essential for later learning. The use of sign language introduces the children to the varying needs of others and as they learn they are developing better control of their fine motor skills. We hope the children are sharing this with you at home. There is a link on Educa for you to check out and sing along with your child.
There has been a focus on sandpit play and working co-operatively in this area. Children working to create rivers and islands and also helping to bury each other. This wonderful tactile experience allows children to explore using their senses while developing relationship skills with their peers.
The Ngahere children are beginning to see the changing faces of nature with the season change bringing an abundance of new fungi to look at, and new sights and sounds as the wind and rain come through the trees. Thank you to those parents who have been able to come on a trip with us and also those who are flexible and will allow your child to attend at short notice when space in the van allows.
Group Time children have been very interested in animals over the last few weeks, learning about Polar Bears and their habitat and now looking more at domesticated animals, with a trip to Animates last week. 
We are currently in need of corks and the wired tops off wine bottles for use in science experiments. If you have these at home we would love for you to bring them in. Also donations of buttons, wool, straws…anything that you think could be useful.
Thank you
Kauri Team

Holiday Programme

We hope everyone enjoyed the Easter break. 
The holiday programme is on again in full force. It’s great to see some old faces and to meet and welcome new friends.  It is only a few days in and it’s been action packed. We enjoyed our trip to the movies with some watching “Home” and the most popular pick being “SpongeBob”. 
The children have been enjoying a variety of activities where they decide and plan what they will do for the day. There is lots of fun had and a sense of purpose.
This week’s trip is the Amazing Race.  Children will be divided into groups and will compete to finish a set of tasks in the local neighbourhood and venturing out a little further to a secret location. Fun filled laughter, physical challenges and games galore. 
Easter Party
The Thursday before Easter, we held two Easter parties – one for the little ones and one for the older children.  Some whānau members joined the fun.  
The Easter Bunny was very popular and the egg hunt was very exciting. Children in Kauri had been practising for a few days so they were very enthusiastic to find as many eggs as they could.  
A big thank you to the Easter Bunny who visited Creche and did a fabulous job.


Faith, the hairdresser will be in on Thursday, 23 April at 10.00 am.
If you would like your child to receive a haircut please let a teacher know by Wednesday, 22 April and ensure you have completed a disclaimer with clear haircut instructions.

Late Pick Ups

A friendly reminder to please be considerate of Creche staff and ensure you collect your children from Creche no later than 5.30 pm.   All children collected after 5.30 pm will have a late fee charged to their account.
We are licensed to have children on the premises from 7.30 am to 5.30 pm.


ANZAC day will also be recognised on Monday, 27 April and Creche will be closed.  If your child does not attend Creche fulltime and one of their days falls on this day, then we are more than happy to swap this day (if we can) to another day in the same week.   Again we require notice in writing to the Creche Office and it is subject to availability.  

Entertainment Books

Entertainment Books are available from your child’s Centre or online.  Books are $60.00 each and Creche will receive $12.00 of this.  


Please name everything that belongs to your child that comes to Creche.  A vivid (permanent marker) works well for this. You can also purchase laundry markers at your local supermarket.  You will be surprised at how many children own exactly the same clothes and shoes.