We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Stella and her whānau. We look forward to getting to know you and working together in partnership.

As the weather is now getting cooler, we ask that you please send suitable shoes and clothes for your child to wear when playing outside. If you would like some advice on appropriate shoes for infants, please see one of the Whekī teachers.

In March we celebrated Easter and the Indian festival of colour, “Holi”. The children participated in many activities; painting on bright coloured paper, exploring powdered paint, experimenting with coloured ice, moulding playdough, and baking Easter sweets. Parents got to sample some Indian sweet and savoury foods at Holi, and some family members joined us for our Easter Party.

We have started to work on our main Creche self‑review - How do we as teachers strengthen and deepen our proficiency in assessment practices so that we can document learning for tamariki and whānau that is meaningful, specific and has clear vision. We have also started a spontaneous review at Whekī on ‘Health and Wellbeing for Infants’. We will soon start posting some relevant information on nutrition and healthy recipes for you on our pin boards and on Educa.

Please remember to contact Creche in the morning if your child is absent for the day (and state the reason for the absence). This is very important as roll numbers affect our staffing every day.


We have had a busy month with our Yellow Balloon Day in support of the Dreamchaser Foundation which supports families of children with cancer. Our children enjoyed a picnic with the rest of Campus Creche at Nīkau.  

Some of our families joined us for breakfast on the 23 March. Thank you for making the time to come along. It is always great to spend some time together in an informal way. Our next breakfast will be in September.

There will be changes to the Kōwhai team over the next few weeks. Carol will be moving to the centre at Fraser High School. This arrangement is envisaged to be in place for 3 – 6 months. We welcome Marliese to our team. You will already have met her and no doubt discovered that she is a fabulous addition to the team. Pei‑Chen is away for 3 weeks and Tania will be filling in for her.

We welcome new children Kyan, Dane, Oneli and Ron and their families. We hope you will all enjoy you time with us. Sadly we have said goodbye to Phoebe, Alex and Leon and their whānau. We miss you all.


We would like to give a very warm welcome to our new children, Akshel, Leon, Jhan and Aziz and their families. We are looking forward to getting to know you and working together in partnership.

The weather is changing now. With cooler mornings and evenings, please remember to bring some extra clothes so the children can change or add layers according to the weather.

We had a successful Yellow T-shirt Day for the Dream Chaser Foundation in support of Childhood Leukaemia and some of our parents came to join us for the picnic. To our whānau, we would like to say thank you so much for the donations you made to the Dream Chaser Foundation.

Recently, we went to Hillcrest High School for the preview of the Dr. Seuss show, “Seussical the Musical”. The children, loved the songs “Green Eggs and Ham” and “Oh the Things You can Think”, and the vibrant, upbeat dancing. Many of the children had a chance to high-five or meet some of the Seuss characters including Maysie LaBird, Horton the Elephant and the Cat in the Hat. Some of our children even went to the full length show at the Clarence Street Theatre and experienced the entire Musical!

Our Easter celebration was fun despite it being such a rainy day! We made bunny ears, had a visit from the Easter Bunny, enjoyed hot cross buns and had an Easter egg hunt.

As a final reminder, please remember to contact Creche or Nīkau in the morning if your child is absent and state the reason why. This is very important as we do track patterns of sickness in the centres and the attendance can affect our staffing for the day. 


Kia ora Maire whānau

We would like to say a big Nau mai haere mai to Alex, Phoebe and their whānau. We hope you enjoy your time in the Maire whare.

Ka kite to Noel and Waimirirangi, we hope you come back and play sometime.

On Tuesday, 23 March we had our whānau breakfast. We love having events where our Maire whānau can come and share kai with us.

Thank you to all the whānau that made it. There will always be a next time for those that couldn’t make it.

On Thursday, 24 March the Easter Bunny came to Maire to hand out Easter eggs. A couple of our tamariki didn’t like the bunny but most were excited. We also had some hot cross buns for morning tea.

Have you seen the plans for our new Maire whare? If you haven’t, come and have a look - it is on our planning board.

We would like to wish all the pepe born in Paenga-whāwhā a big HARI HURITAU.

Ngā mihi

Maire kaiako


Kia ora whānau

We have had a fun and productive month with the children, learning about healthy eating and getting active. Nearly all of our children are able to identify the healthy food in their lunchboxes and are very keen on ‘eating their colours’. Thank you so much for your support with this initiative.

The children loved having bike day, getting together with friends, riding around and showing off their skills and abilities on their bikes. Many of the children were happy to share their bikes and let others have a go too. These traits of generously and empathy are important values that we encourage in our tamariki.

You may remember a few months ago we asked for feedback on gun play. We received lots of interesting and valuable ideas and opinions and the children are now enjoying fun gunplay with rules in place for ensuring the emotional and physical well-being of all involved.

We value your input and feedback on what we do here, we are working in partnership with you to educate and care for your precious little ones. 

Kauri Team

Holiday Programme

Our two-week long Holiday Programme commenced on Monday, 18 April, at Hillcrest Normal School and is in full swing now.

They went to Auckland & the Museum this week and then are off to the movies in the second week.

The programme runs from 8.00 am to 5.30 pm.  Weekly and daily bookings are available.

If you wish to enrol your child/ren for future sessions in 2016, please contact the Creche Office to pick up an enrolment form. Enrolment forms are also available from Kauri.