Kia ora Whekī whānau

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Tyrone.  We look forward to getting to know you and working together in partnership with you and your whānau. 

Ka kite to Angelo, who has just completed his transition to Kōwhai.  We wish you and your whānau all the best in your Creche journey.

We welcome Pei-Chen back to Campus Creche.  Pei-Chen has joined our Whekī team.  She has previously worked in Kōwhai, before heading off on maternity leave. Her son Eric also joins us in Whekī.

We have started our walks again for our Whekī children.  Recently we explored the wide open spaces of the University fields, where the children had lots of fun chasing balls around and building on their developing gross motor skills.  Negotiating how to get up and down the grassy hill were safe challenges to explore too.

Thank you to everyone to who joined us to celebrate Holi.  We had a great day exploring a large range of colourful activities, as well as trying different Indian snacks and sweets.

Ngā mihi

Whekī Team


Kia ora Kōwhai whānau

We would like to welcome our new whānau here in Kōwhai. We look forward to getting to know you and your child during your time here in Kōwhai.  We also say farewell to Liam and Lola who have transitioned to Maire and wish you all the very best.

Balloons over Waikato has captured the interest of our tamariki as they have watched balloons pass over Campus Creche or visited the Night Glow and morning festivities down at the lake. This was further extended with a variety of experiences here at Kōwhai including our very own hot air balloon, balloon art and lots of engaging conversations prompted by photos of different hot air balloons.

Our annual Easter Party is happening this Thursday and we all look forward to a visit from the Easter Bunny, an Easter egg hunt and hot cross buns for morning tea. We hope to see you there.

Tamariki have been exploring nature and the natural environment and making discoveries. They now know the best places to hunt for bugs and insects and love going on a bug hunt. Recently they have also been really interested in shells and quite intrigued by the different shapes and that some of them make a sound like the sea.

Cultural celebrations are really important to us.  On Tuesday, 30 April we will be celebrating another cultural celebration - “Kings Day”. Kings Day (formerly Queen’s Day) is the annual Dutch national holiday in honour of King Willem-Alexander. More information will be shared on Educa, so keep an eye out for details.  If you and your family have any special days that you would like us to celebrate in the centre, please come and discuss these with us.  By sharing these and celebrating them with us, it builds cultural identity and an understanding of cultural diversity.

Ngā mihi nui

Kōwhai Team


Tena koutou katoa

Nau mai haere mai ki Maire Joshua, Liam, Lola and whaanau.  We will enjoy getting to know you all again.

Ka kite ano Saraya, Amy, Ari, Aleisha and whaanau.  Have an amazing year in Kauri and we will no doubt see you around Creche.

On Monday, 18 March we celebrated Chace Topperwien’s 10th birthday.  Chace was a little boy who lost his battle with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.  He was first diagnosed when he was in our Kōwhai centre in 2011. Since his passing, his parents Ryan and Kerri, started The Dream Chaser Foundation that was set up in memory of him and is a charity focused on supporting children and families facing childhood cancer.  This foundation is reliant on donations made through Guardians (weekly donations) and events.  All money raised on the day and the raffles went to the Dream Chaser Foundation.  Congratulations to Priscilla who won our Maire raffle. 

We visited Pioneer Park in Te Awamutu with some of our tamariki, giving our tamariki an opportunity to experience a different play area.  We also took our new bikes for tamariki to ride around the track.

We would like to thank all our whaanau that were able to come and have breakfast with us.  Our tamariki love eating first thing in the morning, even when they have already eaten at home.  This was a great way to meet new whaanau and re-connect with whaanau that have come back with their second or third child (in some cases).   

We celebrated Holi at the end of March.  This is a festival of colours.  Holi is the most vibrant of all Hindu festivals.  On this festive day, people play with colours, meet and greet one another and create new beginnings and have a lot of fun doing so.

To all the pepe born in Paenga-whaawhaa a “hari huritau.”

Kia pai to ra

Kaiako o Maire



Over the last month at Kauri our interest in insects and other invertebrates has continued to grow. Our children are fascinated with catching and observing all sorts of creepy crawlies, and they have been researching in order to learn about the different insects we find in our environment and the different habitats they need. Some of our older children have been busily constructing all sorts of bug houses for their finds, and they are becoming ever more intricate in their designs, and ever more thoughtful in the things provided for their insects (food and water sources, hiding spaces, air holes, etc).

The children have also stayed very interested in Poppy, our blue tongue lizard, who they hunt out food sources (insects and snails mostly) and then eagerly watch her chasing, catching, and eating. We are breeding mealworms for Poppy, which are a larvae form of the darkling beetle (Tenebrio molitor), and the children have been learning about their lifecycle.

As the weather turns to autumn, our children are becoming more interested in the falling leaves, the changing weather, and other aspects of this seasonal change. Due to rainfall, our mud pit is becoming softer and some of the children have already delved into its glorious depths, making all sorts of muddy goodies and sploshing themselves in thick, viscous mud. Please remember to pack plenty of spare clothes for your children so they have something warm and dry to change into when they are finished exploring this (and other) wonderfully messy sensory experiences that help develop their senses, their immune system, and their curious dispositions.

Our children absolutely love to create! They create with glue, pens, natural materials, sand, sticks, paint; anything they can be creative with, they will be. Our paper stocks are running low and to save us buying paper for the children to use for their creative purposes, we would love any donations of recycled paper that you might have at home or at work.

We have been talking lots about kindness and what that looks like. From being inclusive and letting people join in with us, to being respectful and saying, “I don’t want to play with you now” all forms of kindness are important. Role-modelling this language and interaction to children is the best way to encourage kindness from them, and the most meaningful. Children are always watching what we as adults do, and their brain is wired to mimic that behaviour. Whether we are kind to those around us, or rude, that is how children will learn to interact with their peers.