Director’s Message

Kia ora everyone

Thank you to all our whānau who attended our Matariki events in July. The staff went to a lot of effort to put these on and we really enjoyed hosting the events. It’s a special time and the children really love having an opportunity to share Creche with you, their whānau.

You may have noticed that we have vacated our old Maire (Toddler) building and the children and staff are all set up in MS6 until our new building is ready to be occupied. Soon the old building will be demolished and the site prepared for the arrival of our new building.

We are not sure yet of exact time-frames and will keep you informed when we have more information to hand. We do apologise for any inconvenience that this ambitious project may cause. However, in the future we will all be so pleased to have a new purpose built building that our Maire tamariki and staff can enjoy and call 'home'.

Creche is working on developing a new Strategic Plan that will give us our vision for the next five years. Shortly the draft document will be available in centres and on Educa for you to look through and add your comments or ask questions.

Please send these to me via my email - or you are welcome to arrange a time to come and see me.

In July it was my 20 year anniversary since I began working at Campus Creche. The celebrations within Creche and with my own whānau were wonderful. I have certainly really enjoyed my time at Campus Creche and have learnt a lot being involved with this unique and wonderful community. I still love my vocation and hope to enjoy a few more years at Creche.

Sue Bennett



We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Abiageal, Levi, Ayla, Maia and Peter. We look forward to getting to know you and working together in partnership. 

Ka kite to Nakwayla who has transitioned to Kōwhai and to Ella who has left Creche. We wish you all the very best in your new adventures.

Thank you for attending our Matariki celebration in July. We appreciated you all taking the time to join us for this yummy breakfast. The children all enjoyed art activities to celebrate Matariki, such as painting and night sky playdough. We have also been enjoying singing waiata together.

Our tamariki have been enjoying the outdoors a lot lately, including walks to the University with the older children.

Thank you to Alana from Campus Creche @ Fraser who was with us for the last four weeks.

We are currently getting some new relievers at Creche, some of whom you may see from time-to-time in Whekī, due to permanent teachers that may be away.


Kia ora whānau! Well we certainly have had some wet weather haven’t we? This has been exciting for our tamariki who have enjoyed splashing and sploshing around in big puddles outside! Thanks for remembering to put gumboots and extra changes of clothes and socks in bags for these days!!

We would like to welcome Nakwayla, Jethro and their whānau to Kōwhai and say farewell to Cadence and whānau who have moved on to Maire. We also say goodbye to Leonie, from Campus Creche @ Fraser, who spent four weeks with us and shared her knowledge and ideas working with tamariki.

Things definitely were busy in our centre around Matariki! We baked star cookies, made star crafts, and learnt a Matariki waiata. We also planted sunflower seeds and watched them grow, learning that they need lots of tender loving care such as water and lots of sunshine. A strawberry patch has been started outside which is doing well and it is taking a lot of self-control not to pull them off while they are still green! Now there’s an opportunity to learn about self-discipline.

Next month (September) we have another breakfast scheduled. More details closer to the day.

We still have more ideas in the pipeline and we need your help! Please log on to Educa in the next few days to view a letter to all whānau.


We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Ivy, we look forward to getting to know you and working together in partnership. Ka kite to Harvey and Reuben who have recently transitioned to Kauri. We wish you all the very best in your new adventures. Ka kite also to Aziz who has left Creche, and is off on new adventures.

We had a successful Matariki “Fish and Chip” night recently and it was nice to have a relaxed conversation with our busy whānau. We had a few rainy weeks and our tamariki took this chance to explore our environment by jumping in the muddy puddles and having lots of fun.

Recently we purchased some rain jackets that we can use both here at Nīkau and the Arboretum. Perfect for cooler, damp days.

Just a friendly reminder to name all your children’s clothes (tops, jackets, pants, hats, socks and shoes). This makes it easier to identify your child’s own clothing at the end of the day.  This also helps teachers put clothes in the correct bags.

Please remember to contact Creche in the morning if your child is absent for the day (and state the reason for the absence). This is very important as roll numbers may have an implication on our staffing and it also helps us monitor why children are away.


Tēna koutou Maire whānau

A big nau mai haere mai to Cadence and her whānau, we hope you enjoy your time here with us at Maire. We would also like to say ka kite to Damian who has moved to a kindergarten closer to his home and Hunter-Rose who has graduated to Kauri. We wish you both all the very best.

We have moved to our new whare MS6. The move was smooth and our tamariki have taken it all in their stride. A big ngā mihi to our whānau for all the support and patience during this time.

While the movers moved all our furniture and equipment down the hill from Maire to MS6 we thought we would visit the Hamilton Zoo so we were right out of their way, which the tamariki really enjoyed.

Matariki was a huge success. We had two ex-kaiako visit, lots of whānau and some of our fathers performed, which was really awesome.  It was a nice farewell for our whare, the last time it will hear the laugher of our tamariki, whānau and kaiako. It has cared for us well over all these years;

Nei ra te mihi ki te whare

nana i tu whakahihi nei

hei whare wananga

hei whakaruruhau

hei ahuru mowai ano hoki mo nga tamariki me nga kaiako

Lastly we would like to wish all the pepe born in Hongongoi and Here‑turi-koka a big HARI HURITAU.

Hei kōna mai

Maire kaiako


We would like to welcome Simon Archard our new teacher to Kauri. Simon is a qualified early childhood teacher.  As well as working as a teacher, Simon has also been a lecturer and worked for Autism New Zealand. His extensive knowledge and experiences of teaching will be invaluable to us.  It is wonderful to see our children building relationships with Simon. On Simon’s first day, many of the children already knew his name as we had been talking about him joining our team!

One of the great interests for our children at the moment is carpentry. Our children have been building amazing creations.Children are gaining an understanding of how their ideas can be achieved by planning, using the carpentry tools appropriately, following the carpentry area rules, supporting each other, and their persistence to work on projects for a long period of time. We are after off cuts of untreated wood if any of our Creche whānau has access to this.

Our new group of Ngahere Explorers has been going very well. Through these trips, children are learning dispositions such as persistence and determination to achieve their own goals, and being supportive and kind. These dispositions are fundamental to be life-long learners. At the moment, they are focusing on learning to look after themselves, their friends and the environment.

In Group Time, we have had new children join and we have been learning about the Rio Olympics. It has been wonderful to know these children go home and share their ideas and what they have been learning in Group Time with their families. With Natalie Rooney winning the silver medal, our children were very interested in the sport of shooting and we are going to explore this further.

We have recently visited Knighton Normal School, and this provides our children with an opportunity to build relationships with the school, teachers, and previous Kauri children. It also gives them an understanding of what school is going to be like.