Director’s Message

Hopefully, with a spring feel in the air, the bugs will be gone and we can enjoy having healthy tamariki and staff.

Our self-review on writing learning stories/ assessment is progressing well. Teachers are having some one-to-one time with a tutor to help them strengthen their writing. We love to hear from you when we post a story on Educa.

As an advocate for tamariki I would like to remind all whānau that it is illegal not to secure your tamaiti in a car seat as you drive.  Please make sure you always have your very precious cargo buckled and safe in any vehicle they travel in.

For more information on child restraint, please see back of newsletter.

Sue Bennett, Director



Kia Ora Whekī Whānau

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Ngaru, Lola, Lujane and Ricky. We look forward to getting to know you all and working in partnership with you and your whānau.

Ka kite to Levi and Maia who have completed their transition to Kōwhai. We wish you the very best in your new adventures.

We have been continuing to go on our nature walks and have been exploring different areas at the University. The children are enjoying these journeys immensely and are able to investigate at their own pace and lead their own learning through the undergrowth of the trees, as well as in the leaves. There are many exciting discoveries to be had as well as new sensory experiences to be treasured.

Being outdoors on rainy days is another great sensory experience for the children. There are many puddles to find on the ground and the climbing equipment, and these are so much fun to splash in!

Whekī Kaiako


Kia ora koutou Kōwhai Whanau!

A big welcome to Levi, Maia, Aser, Sasha and their families as you join our Kōwhai family. We look forward to getting to know you all and working together during your time with us. We sadly farewell Amy, Laelee, Michaela and Saraya and families as they move on to Maire for the next step in their learning journey.

This month your tamariki have been exploring different mediums such as watercolour, acrylics and collage, producing some lovely artwork indeed. It is displayed on the wall inside. Come and check it out when you next come in!

We are still having some wet weather, so please keep packing extra sets of clothes, including socks and shoes/gumboots for your child.

We look forward over the coming month to continuing with our weekly walks to the University.


Tēnā koutou katoa

Nau mai haere mai ki Maire whare Nguyen, Michaela, Laelee, Amy, Saraya and whānau. We look forward to getting to know you all a lot better while you are with us here in Maire.

Priscilla has returned from maternity leave and all the tamariki and kaiako have enjoyed having her back.

We have started travelling out to the Taitua Arboretum again which is great. We work on a two week system. Week 1 we will be going out on a Tuesday and Wednesday, week 2 will be a Wednesday. Every child will have the opportunity to go out at least once a month. Our tamariki love traveling in our creche van and sometimes they feel it’s the best part of the trip.

We would like to wish Arius, Tristen, Keaton, Nick and whānau the very best for their next big move, Kauri. This is ka kite anō, rather than we will never see you again. Kauri isn’t that far away and sometimes we spend a bit of time together.

Last but not least we would like to wish a big “hari huritau” to all the pēpē born in Here-turi-kōkā.

Kia pai to ra

Maire Kaiako


Kia ora whānau

August has been a busy month with lots of illness but spring is almost here and we can feel the warmth building. The gardens are looking wonderful with a big thanks to Arlette and our amazing children for all their hard work. Fingers crossed in a few weeks we will start to have lots of colour coming up from the soil!

Mahi Tahi (once called group time) has seen changes and is off to a good start. The children chose to learn about the weather and through discussions and research learnt some interesting facts about the water cycle. They also made weather mobiles and weather maps that showed different kinds of weather. The latest project is castles and we have been collecting boxes of all shapes and sizes to build our very own castle with. Thank you so much to everyone who brought in boxes, these are hugely appreciated.

Ngahere Explorers has been going great, and recently Tim and Vanessa were very brave and were followed around by a video camera for a research project in conjunction with the University of Waikato Faculty of Education. This research will look at the conversations teachers and children have and the strategies we use to engage children in the learning environment. We look forward to the analysis!

Our new Community Explorers group is off with a bang. So far there have been visits to the Museum, Hamilton Gardens and the Library to hear stories being read. The children are really enjoying getting out and about in the city and we are hopeful that through this group we can build stronger connections to the wider community.

Winter is drawing to a close but we would like to remind whānau to please bring children in with warm options of clothing as well as jackets. Often the children play on the deck area and jackets are not necessary, but jumpers or long sleeves are. If you can take a layer or two off when they get here in the morning, so they have warm layers to add later when they go outside it would be greatly appreciated. This helps children to monitor their own body temperature and fosters independence.

So far, this month we have said kia ora to Arius, Tristen, Nicholas and Keaton who have transitioned from Maire and Timaima, who has returned from time overseas with her whānau. We say a sad goodbye to Harvey who is moving back to Australia with his family and we wish them all the best of luck.