Under Twos

Tēnā koutou. Nga pēpē have been very engaged over the last couple of months with lots of exploration happening for all our tamariki. We are seeing your pēpē growing and developing before our eyes, as little ones learn to roll over, sit up, crawl and start to walk.

Our older tamariki are enjoying experiencing painting and sensory play and visiting the Over Twos quite a bit. This month we restarted our visits to the local rest home with a mixed age group of children. These visits will be every fortnight, with all children having an opportunity to visit. This provides children and the elderly a chance to engage in meaningful moments which are beneficial to all.

Over Twos

Kia ora koutou.  What a busy couple of months we have had with lots of trips happening for our tamariki. We have just begun visiting new places in the community so if you haven’t signed our new excursion form and read our risk assessment then please come and see us.

This week the children have visited Parana Park and Dominion Park. Both places offer new and exciting challenges to extend your tamaiti, such as climbing, pumping water, balancing, using pullies and spinning. We look forward to exploring these and other new places with the tamariki in the future.

We have been introducing the tamariki to some simple science experiments recently. These experiments introduce simple scientific concepts and language, such as ‘reaction’ ‘gas’ ‘pressure’ and ‘hypothesis’ or guessing what will happen. Early experiences such as these can spark the interest and lead to a desire for more.

We are seeing lots of lovely acts of kindness from the tamariki lately, as they help their friends with various issues. The tamariki are showing what good friends they can be and are learning how to build and maintain strong friendships.