Director’s Message

A big welcome to you all as we start 2016. I hope you have all managed to have some rest and relaxation during the summer break. I know it is always busy with little ones in a household. Lots of the tamariki seem very pleased to be back in their routine of coming to Creche and are enjoying being with their friends and having lots of fun.

We have an action packed year planned and hope 2016 is a good year for you with your study, work or managing family life.

Sue Bennett, Director


A very warm welcome to all our families returning to Whekī this year. We are happy our centre is up and running again after being earthquake proofed. We enjoyed our ‘holiday time’ at Kōwhai and would like to thank all those involved for being so understanding and supportive while Whekī was under construction. A big thanks to Kōwhai for having us during this time.  

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Aryan, Ella, Kaliya and Victoria. We look forward to getting to know you and working together in partnership.

Ka kite to Danny, Sara and Nova who have transitioned to Kōwhai and Yeva who is in transition.

Please remember to contact Creche in the morning if your child is absent for the day (and state the reason for absence). This is very important as roll numbers effect our staffing for the day.

The weather has been ‘tropical’ recently so we have had lots of water play for the children. Please remember to pack a couple of NAMED sets of spare clothing and a swimming nappy each day.

Staffing at Whekī this year:

Leona        Head Teacher

Emma        Second person responsible

Sunita        Full time teacher

Ruth           Full time teacher

Megan      Our new part-time teacher, starting 2 February 2016

Kamilya     Release cover teacher

You will also see relieving teachers from time to time such as Becky, Grace or Julz. We strive to keep the same relievers for continuity for the children but this is not always possible.  


Holidays have come to an end for most of us but we are still enjoying a quieter time before University goes back. We hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year break and are feeling revitalised and ready for 2016.

We enjoyed sharing our space with Whekī during December and January, getting to work alongside one another and getting to know Sara, Danny and Nova who have now transitioned to Kōwhai. We welcome them and their whānau and hope you all enjoy your time with us.

January and hot weather brings lots of water play as we’re sure you will have all noticed. Lots of extra clothes to wash. Please be sure and bring at least three changes of named clothing for your child or perhaps a swimsuit.


Happy New Year everyone! We hope that you all had a fun and awesome holiday, it is great to be back again.

During the break, we joined up with the fabulous Maire team which was lots of fun. We are now back at Nīkau and our team is refreshed and looking forward to an exciting new year. We have been easing our way back into the year and are taking our time to reconnect with all our children.

Recently, the teachers and children went to the University for a walk. We were able to run in the fields, explore the university grounds, fly some kites and feed the ducks. This is something that we would like to do more often as the weather is fine.

The weather has been very hot so far this summer and we have planned for lots of water and ice play for the children to keep them active and cool.

During this period of hot weather, we would like to remind parents to bring hats, togs and a fresh change of named clothes, so your children can enjoy cooling down with water play.


Kia ora Maire whānau

Nga mihi o te tau hou ki a koutou. Just wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

We would like to say a big HAERE RA to Nicholas and Ashtaen who are already at Kauri and also Vayln, Niya and Jordan who are currently transitioning, we wish you well in your Kauri journey.

A big welcome to Matilda and her whānau, we hope you have a fantastic time here at Maire.

On 8 December our Maire whānau travelled to Paradise Valley Springs in Rotorua. It was a beautiful day and our tamariki really seemed to enjoy the trip. Even though there were no cubs to pat the tamariki enjoyed watching the lions being fed.

Thank you to all our whānau who came, trips are a great time to get to know each other better.

The Christmas Party has come and gone. We hope you enjoyed the present your tamariki made for you and hope you had a good time. It’s a long day for our tamariki, but who could miss out on seeing Santa and getting a present, having fun, watching performances and having nice kai.

We spent the first couple of weeks with Nīkau coming to stay with us and it was nice for all our tamariki to play together again since most of them were in Kōwhai together. Nīkau have now settled back into their own building.

Lastly, we would like to wish all the pepe born in Kohitātea a Hari huritau.

Ki a pai to ra

Rangi, Mel, Priscilla, Sarah, Megan and Angela


Kia ora whānau

Welcome to a new year here at Kauri. We have started off with a hiss and a roar as nearly all our holiday goers returned at once. We bade farewell to some children over the holidays and are now welcoming some new children into our centre.

Charlotte has joined us from Nīkau and soon we will welcome Jordan, Niya and Valyn from Maire.

The children are enjoying watching our new baby chickens grow and develop quickly. They are learning how to care for them, which is slightly different from looking after the grown up chickens.

We have purchased some new resources to add to our existing supply; we have added to the Junior Engineers and to the Mobilo, which the children are loving and are constructing new imaginative creations.

We are currently revisiting Maori legends and the children are using their skills to act the stories out and retell them to their peers. This has resulted in quite a few of them overcoming their shyness and feeling more confident to step out of their comfort zone.

Water play seems to be the order of the day at the moment and children absolutely love it. However, we strongly urge parents to send along spare named clothes and togs as we are short of spare clothing.

Cooking has also become a big part of our curriculum as the children are enjoying this activity and we are introducing different foods to the children. Healthy Heart is a project we are looking at focusing on in the near future and would love parent input and support in this area.

Holiday Programme

Our January Holiday Programme concludes this week. The children have had a great time swimming, going on trips, making frozen summer treats, creating lots of summer crafts including t‑shirts, beach bags and surfboards, along with lots of other activities. With the summer heat in full force, the children have been enjoying being inside the cooler hall playing board games and inventing their own games.

This programme the children got to enjoy going to Jump, Baywave and Waimarino Adventure Park in Tauranga and Ten Pin Bowling.

Don’t forget to enrol your child/ren in the April programme if you have not done so already as we have limited places. The April programme will run for 2 weeks from Monday, 18 April to Friday, 29 April at Hillcrest Normal School.

Sarah’s Lunchbox Ideas

Some parents have asked for ideas of what to put in their children’s lunchboxes. Here are some great foods to include in your tamariki lunchboxes.


Provides protein, carbohydrate, calcium and B vitamins.


Rich in lycopene, vitamin C, E and beta‑carotene. Tomatoes are easy to include in a sandwich, baked in a savoury meal or just cherry tomatoes on their own.


A great source of vitamin C, and dietary fibre, the blueberry falls into the low GI category (which measures how quickly carbs are released into the body as energy) which maintains stable blood sugar levels.

Wholegrain bread:

Protein for body building, carbs for energy, fibre for a healthy digestion and essential fats, vitamins and minerals! Wholegrains offer a slow release of energy, which is great for our tamariki to sustain their levels of energy throughout the day.


Terrific brain food for children. Eggs are high in protein (memory and concentration levels) and lecithin which encourages the speedy transfer of body fats into energy. They are quick, easy and have their own natural casing. You can have egg on wholegrain bread, a boiled egg or include it in baking.


Full of good fats, avocadoes are full of fibre which helps stabilise blood sugars while vitamin E protects cells against free radicals. Try as an alternative to butter on sandwiches or mash and store in a container as a dip with wholegrain crackers.


Recipes of the Month

Zucchini Slice


5 eggs

375g grated zucchini

1 finely chopped onion

3 slices of bacon chopped

1 cup self-raising flour

1 cup grated cheese

½ cup oil

Salt and pepper to taste


1.   Preheat oven to 180°c or 160°c fan.

2.   Whisk eggs in a bowl and then mix in remaining ingredients. Season with salt and pepper.

3.   Pour into a well‑greased bread tin. Bake for 30-40 minutes or until brown.


Oat and Apricot Slice


Canola oil spray

1 cup plain wholemeal flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

½ cup brown sugar

50g quick uncooked oats

15 dried apricots chopped

2 tablespoons sunflower seeds

1 tablespoon butter melted

2 eggs lightly beaten



1.   Preheat oven to 170ºc. Spray a 20cm square baking tin with oil.

2.   Combine flour, baking powder, sugar, oats, apricots and sunflower seeds in a large bowl.

3.   Mix melted butter (not too hot) and eggs together in a separate bowl.

4.   Combine wet and dry ingredients together and spoon into prepared tin. Smooth top with a spatula.

5.   Bake in oven for 25 minutes or until firm. Cool completely before cutting into 8 rectangles.