Director’s Message

A big welcome to our new children and their whānau who have just begun life at Creche.  We hope you enjoy your time with us.

It has been great catching up with some of you as we have celebrated Matariki in each centre.  Attendances have been high this year and we all appreciate you making the time to share this special occasion with us and your tamariki.  (Maire’s Matariki lunch is next week, I believe). A huge thank you to all the staff who have worked so hard to make these events possible.

On 1 July the Vulnerable Children Act 2014 came into effect.  Following the legislation we have revised our Child Abuse Policy to a ‘Child Protection Policy’. We will be making some changes in our recruitment process to comply with this new legislation. 

Also of significance for the teaching fraternity is a legislative change on 1 July 2015 in the professional body – the old NZ Teachers Council. The new body is known as Education Council New Zealand.  The ECNZ will operate differently from the previous one.  Further details can be found on the last page of the newsletter.

We are all becoming familiar with the new systems that the teaching professional body is implementing and what the implications will be for us, as teachers.

As I look through the newsletter, there are so many magnificent photos of children of all ages just loving the experiences they are having at Creche.  We are all part of a very special place where children have great opportunities to learn and grow and be nurtured in a supportive environment.

Sue Bennett


We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Dane, Ritihia, Ezmay, Mai-Aorere, Charlotte and all their whānau.  We look forward to getting to know you and working together in partnership.  Ka kite to Sienna and Neihana who have transitioned to Kōwhai.  We wish you all the very best. 

We had a wonderful Matariki lunch at the end of June.  Thank you to all our whānau who came along and joined us for homemade soup, rolls, pumpkin scones and some great conversation!  It was lovely to spend time with all of you. 

Our teacher Ruth is back from her leave and she is busy extending all our children in music with lots of singing, experimenting with her keyboard, and playing with rhythm instruments. 

Sunita will be away for a while, beginning later this month, to be with her daughter and her first grandchild.  We are lucky to have Jenny, who will continue to work at Whekῑ until Sunita returns. 

With so much rain and cold weather, our focus for the past and for the coming weeks is on indoor-based activities.  In addition to music, we are exploring art activities like playdough and paint.

We hope you stay warm and well in these cold weeks!


After such a busy time in June we have been a bit more laid back this month.  We have had more walks to the University and spent more time in other centres. Thanks to Maire and Nīkau for having us.

We have also taken the children into the community to visit a pet shop, as many of our children are interested in domestic animals.  They had a fabulous time.  Many wanted to just look and some had the opportunity to pet the animals.

Asha has created a fantastic interest in story time (usually in the music space on the deck) and now we have children bringing the seating and arranging it to let us know that is what they’d like to do next. 

This large group time is not always easy with small children but they have quickly come to understand how it works and that they need to stay seated until asked to join in, in some way.  This time includes magnet stories, songs and verses with props and anything else that takes a teacher’s fancy.

We welcome new children Sienna and Neihana and their whānau from Whekī.  The children have settled quickly in their new environment.  We are able to offer more freedom of movement which they love, with many new activities and resources to explore.

Thank you to those parents who participated in our recent surveys, one on what to do with our walls and one online by Asha asking for what you like in learning stories.  We are still in the process of collating results and deciding on “what’s next.”  Watch Educa for information as it comes to hand.


Thank you to all our whānau who came and celebrated Matariki with us. It was a very successful morning here at Nīkau. The tamariki enjoyed making stars and planting a tree with their whānau. Thank you also for bring yummy kai to share with the rest of the Nīkau whānau.

Becky is working in Whekī until the end of August and we have Lauren who is replacing her during this time.


Kia ora Koutou

Lizzie has now left on maternity leave and we wish her all the best for the birth of her beautiful baby. 

Maria has joined Maire while Lizzie is away and we hope she enjoys her time here with us.  Our new Maire kaiako are building relationships with our tamariki and whānau.

Our tamariki are still very much into super hero play, especially The Hulk, Spiderman, Captain America, Superman and Batman. 

We are currently looking at Mana Reo for programme planning and our tamariki are learning boundaries, routines, how to negotiate and how to work together as a group.   We are also helping them to tautoko each other, especially our younger tamariki.

Please whānau don’t forget we are having our Matariki celebration on Friday, 24 July at lunch time.  We hope to see you all there.

Finally a big Ra Whānau to all the beautiful pēpe born in hōngongoi.

Kia pai to ra whānau

Maire kaiako


Kia ora Whānau

Your children have been having a great time over the last couple of weeks with our Fun Days Holiday Programme.  They have been busy and active over this time with dress-ups, gym days, bikes and mini Olympics, along with experiencing cultural foods, taking risks on Danger Day and dancing till they drop for our Disco. For those children with older siblings at a Holiday Programme elsewhere this gives them some idea of what is happening for them but on a slightly smaller scale.

Over this period Kauri had some workmen in the building, redoing our wall coverings and taking up the carpet and replacing it with lino. We would like to thank all our parents and families for their patience and understanding while we needed to be out of the centre for those days.

A big thank you to Neil from Facilities Management who co-ordinated the contractors and helped us move back into Kauri.

August is fast approaching and so is our snow trip. You should have received a newsletter recently about this to give you a bit more information. If you have not received anything please check your child’s pocket in our centre or ask a teacher. There is lots of excitement building for this and we hope it goes off without a hitch.  Remember the one thing we have no control over is the weather.

As always we welcome your participation and feedback.  Please come in to see us at any time.

Your Kauri Teaching team

Holiday Programme

Welcome back to all our families and their children, and a warm welcome to our new families.  We hope you enjoy your time here.  The holidays have just about finished and the children have enjoyed music, creating art, baking and playing loads of active games to keep them warm from the winter chill.


In week one we enjoyed Ten Pin Bowling for our trip day.  Unfortunately, we were unable to head to Mount Ruapehu due to the nasty weather in the second week, but went ice skating at Paradice in Auckland instead. Although it wasn’t the snow and we initially had lots of disappointed children, they had a great time learning how to ice skate.

We would like to thank those families that have helped with the trips, either as parent helpers, lending us gear or just coming to hang out with their children. 

Ideas for activities or trips for future holiday programmes are welcome.  A survey will be e‑mailed out at the end of this programme where parents can comment and make suggestions.  

Nga mihi, keep warm and safe these holidays.   


James, the photographer from Avon Studios will be coming to Creche and taking photos on Tuesday, 25 August. Keep an eye out for the reminders.

Entertainment Books

Entertainment Books are still available from your child’s Centre, the Creche Office or online. Books are $60.00 each and Creche will receive $12.00 of this.  Hard copies of the entertainment books and digital copies are available.