Director’s Message

Kia ora

It has been a busy month.  Recently we have had groups of early childhood practitioners visiting our centres.  One Saturday, a bus load of Waikato ECE teachers wanting to improve their practices visited, and a few days later we had two groups of Japanese practitioners drive down from Auckland, especially to spend time at our centre.  All our visitors are excited to see how happy and engaged tamariki are at Creche.  There were loads of comments about the wide-open spaces and large buildings we have.  The covered decks are appreciated as well.  We certainly have a very special place for our tamariki.

A few weeks ago, Rangi and Priscilla attended the Education Summit put on by the Minister of Education to discuss the future of education in New Zealand.  It was an honour for them to be selected and they represented the early childhood sector well.

Several teachers attended an Early Childhood Symposium in Hamilton last Saturday with two of our team presenting workshops.  Mel, from Fraser and Tim from Kauri shared their passion and skills in their areas of expertise and were well received by their audiences.  It’s great to see our teachers enthusiastic about their vocation and sharing that enthusiasm with other early childhood practitioners.

You may have recently completed a survey asking if you would like Campus Creche to provide meals.  We were inundated with responses.  We are now investigating how we may be able to implement this.  We will be discussing this at the Trust meeting this week and will keep whānau posted about what we decide to do.

Sue Bennett




Kia ora Whekī whānau

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Austin and Talia.  We look forward to getting to know you both and working together in partnership with you and your whānau.

We have recently re-established our outings to the University allowing our tamariki to explore this exciting wider world and natural environment.  On our recent outing, the children were quite captivated by the trees, touching the rough, wet bark, as well as looking up to see how high up above us the tree was!  The children were also very interested in trying to capture the slater we found on the log.  It ran away from us very fast though!  Time was also spent playing with the large balls on the field.

Thank you to those who came to celebrate Eid al Fitr with us.  Eid al Fitr is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide. It marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting.  We enjoyed being able to acknowledge and share this celebration with you at Whekī.

We currently have a fantastic Year Two Unitec student with us.  Leandra is here until 29 June.

Ngā mihi

Whekī team


Kia ora koutou Kōwhai whānau

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Lola and Liam who are currently transitioning to Kōwhai from Whekī. We look forward to getting to know you both and working together in partnership with you and your whānau. Ka Kite to Ashlee who has completed her transition to Maire and Levi who is currently transitioning.  We have also said goodbye to Bella as she is now officially on maternity leave.  We are delighted to let you know that Bella and Bradley welcomed their daughter, Fernleigh to the world last Saturday. 

We are so lucky at Campus Creche to have a lot of fruit trees.  They give us the opportunity to learn about where our fruit comes from and to experience picking them straight from the tree and eating them. Tamariki in Kōwhai have really enjoyed the opportunity to go for small walks around the centre, eating the mandarins and feijoas from the trees. Even the lemons were tasted, getting a mixed response. This will be supported more in the coming months as we plant winter vegetables.

Matariki plans are underway with teachers sharing stories of Matariki, engaging in art activities and planning cooking experiences.  We are organising a Fish and Chip night with our tamariki and whānau on Wednesday, 4 July. We would love you to join us.

Jenny recently arranged for the children to enjoy different musical instruments that her daughter Jasper can play.  This included the keyboard and the tamariki enjoyed doing the actions to familiar songs such as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “Old MacDonald”. Jasper also introduced a new instrument to our children, an ocarina. 

The ocarina is an ancient wind musical instrument - a type of vessel flute made from clay, ceramic, plastic, wood, glass, metal or bone. It is a traditional, popular instrument and mainly comes from China. She played a couple of songs for the children and encouraged them to come and feel the instrument. This was a very positive experience, where children were able to enjoy live music and were able to see and feel the instruments.

As the weather has been very wet lately, please remember to pack spare clothes for your child and bring spare changes for when they are playing outside. Gumboots are a great idea too as tamariki love jumping in puddles.

The Kōwhai Team



Tēnā Koutou katoa

Our deepest aroha and sympathy to the Morrison whānau on the loss of their wahine toa, Talei.  Talei Morrison was not only a force on stage with her kapa, Te Matarae I Orehu but she was also the founder of the campaign “smear your mea” after being diagnosed with cervical cancer late last year.  Moe mai ra.

We would like to welcome Levi and his whānau back to Maire.  Levi’s older brother Calvin was part of our whānau a few years ago.

We would like to say ka kite anō to Hazel, Ashlee, and Stella who have left and to Laura and Ron who are currently transitioning to Kauri.  We wish you all the very best.

This year Priscilla and Angela took a group of tamariki to the Field Days.  A few of our tamariki are currently very interested in trucks, diggers and any kind of heavy machinery.  We thought this would be a great opportunity for them to see all these vehicles.  They had a great time and the weather wasn’t too bad either.

We plan on celebrating Matariki in the middle of July.  We will be sending out a newsletter to our Maire whānau very shortly.  We hope you will be able to join us for a spot of lunch.

On Monday, 18 June Sarah Y, Yinying and August made some Zongzi with the help of the tamariki. This is a traditional Chinese meal that people eat during the dragon boat festival season.   The ingredients are bamboo leaves, sticky rice and raisins. The tamariki and staff all enjoyed trying something new.

Lastly, we would like to wish all the pepē born in Pipiri a hari huritau.  We hope you have an amazing birthday.

Kia pai to ra

Kaiako o Maire


Kia ora whānau

It has been a chilly month with lots of exciting things happening. We have been busy in the garden planting oodles of daffodil bulbs. Our space is going to look beautiful in a month or so!

This month we celebrate Matariki, the Māori New Year. On Friday, 13 July we will be having a shared dinner with the Kauri whānau, cooking on our fire pit and getting to know one another. Other things we are doing to celebrate Matariki include planting food crops, trees and general garden care. Talking about the origins and learning the myths associated with the constellation. We are also having fires in our fire pit regularly to build an understanding of fire safety and protocols around these events.

We are currently looking at using a new bush site for our Ngahere Explorers programme, located on a private farm near the airport. We have done a site visit and the land looks promising for what we are wanting to use it for. The next shift in groups will happen on Thursday, 12 July. The Community Explorers group will become Ngahere Explorers and the younger ones will move into the Community Explorers group.