Kia ora whānau

Winter has arrived with a cold chill and there is a different dynamic in the weather for tamariki to explore.

The Trust recently carried out their annual review of the Campus Creche philosophy and we have created a shortened Vision Statement that will be used alongside our full Philosophy.  It is:

Campus Creche is a learning community where kaiako are committed to sustained and meaningful learning experiences that are inclusive to all and focus on positive social interactions.  We are committed to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the bicultural nature of our curriculum, Te Whāriki.  Kaiako work in collaboration/partnership with whānau to empower tamariki to develop and grow holistically, building their own unique identities. We believe learning about the natural world through meaningful engagement and exploration of our spacious environments helps build a sense of kaitiakitanga and encourages intentional and sustainable practices.

Sue Bennett



Kia ora Whekī whānau

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Merisa and Fernleigh.  We look forward to getting to know you and working together in partnership with you and your whānau.

Ka kite to Tākiri, who has moved on from Creche.  We wish you and your whānau all the best.                        

At Whekī, we will be celebrating Matariki with a breakfast on Tuesday, 25 June between 7.30 am and 9.30 am.  We welcome all tamariki and their whānau to come and join us for breakfast, even if your child does not normally attend on a Tuesday.  A variety of breakfast foods will be provided.

The autumn leaves have provided many learning opportunities for our tamariki being able to explore the feeling of leaves on their body and in their hands.  They have also been enjoying helping the kaiako sweep these up.


Ngā mihi

Whekī Team


Kia ora koutou Kōwhai whānau!

Another month has gone by so fast, and the weather is definitely changing. We are having colder days, and this means our tamariki need warm layers that can be added to when they go outside, and some removed when they are inside where it is warmer. Please remember to name all your child’s clothing as this helps us ensure all the right clothes are returned to the correct owners. Thank you to those whānau who are remembering to bring spare clothes daily. At least two changes of clothes is wonderful, so if tamariki get wet or messy they have something warm and dry to change into.

Tamariki have been busy this last month enjoying a wide range of experiences. Some favourites have included art, puzzles, shredded paper and playing musical instruments. As a centre we are all enjoying Jeanny’s passion for music as she plays both the guitar and ukulele – everybody is loving this.

Matariki celebrations will be happening over the next couple of weeks.  On Wednesday, 3 July we will be having a ‘fish and chip’ evening with all our whānau. Please keep an eye on Educa for more details.

Thank you all for your understanding while we have had several staff away for long periods of time, due to unforeseen circumstances. We now have everyone back on board and look forward to consistent staffing. We would like to welcome Bella back from maternity leave. Bella will be working two days initially and then increasing this to three days Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Just a reminder that Kelly, Jenny, and Hilary are fulltime, Marliese, Julie, Bella and Jeanny all work part time.  We are also supported by Joan and Jema who share the ancillary role.

Ngā mihi nui

Kōwhai Team


Teenaa koutou katoa whaanau

Nau mai haere mai ki Maire Ngaru, Ricky and whaanau.  We look forward to getting to know you all again.  Both whaanau have had tamariki in Maire before, so it’s more like a welcome home.

Ka kite anoo to Nota, Felicity, Nishad and Evanna who have left Maire.  We wish you all the very best on your new journeys.

A big welcome home to Sarah Y, who has finally returned from Taiwan.  We would like to thank Deaan, who came to help us during the time Sarah was away, it was lovely to have you at Maire and our tamariki will miss you.

Music has a wonderful power, that not only brings people together, but can also be enjoyed just as much by yourself.  It has the power to take you to other places, to help you just let go, or just move how you want to.  Our Maire tamariki thoroughly enjoy music, whether it’s kapa haka, the crazy sound of thunder struck or the thrilling song by Elsa - you will often find them on the deck or music room, singing and dancing.

The annual Field Days is an event we like to take our older tamariki to.  It gives them an opportunity to experience large sized vehicles up close, which many of our children love.  Tamariki also get to explore other transportation and machinery.  This year we had fun travelling to the Field Days by bus, which was a hit with our tamariki.  We even got to catch the double decker bus back to the transport centre, which was extra special.

All the pepe born in Pipiri a big “hari huritau ki a koe”.  We wish you nothing but the best for your special day.

Kia pai to ra

Maire Kaiako


This month has seen a significant decrease in temperature but that doesn’t mean we have been locked away inside! The children at Kauri love getting out and about in their rain jackets and gumboots, stomping puddles, jumping in leaf piles, exploring the garden with their senses, and so much more.

Our play space is designed to empower children to take managed risks and to explore their bodies physical limits and strengths. Through engagement in physical play children develop their body awareness (proprioception), their fine and gross motor skills, they hone their working theories about the physical world, and they engage in social interactions in natural and positive ways.

Earlier this month we planted seedlings in our garden. Some of these seedlings we grew from seeds in our micro-greenhouse, others we bought as plants. We have been watching the veggies grow and some of the children have even observed the brussels sprouts being eaten by some pesky slugs and snails! In an attempt to save our treasured brussels sprout plants, we have placed ground up eggshells around the plants to deter them. This is all part of experimenting and exploring and a great way for children to learn through an emerging curriculum.

 The carpentry has become popular recently with crowds of children wanting to use the equipment for their work. At Kauri we use real tools (albeit small ones for small hands) for real work. We encourage children to think about their creation; to make a plan, but also to explore the different tools and their different uses. Hank especially had great fun exploring the clamps and using them to secure his peers work, so it didn’t move all over the table.

We have been practising our special Matariki songs for our Matariki concert next week (Thursday, 27 June) and we are looking forward to sharing the afternoon with our whānau, cooking kai on the fire, and showing them what we have been working on! Feel free to bring along your wider whānau and introduce them to us, we would love to meet the people that are special to the tamariki.