Under 2’s

We would like to welcome all our new tamariki and whānau. We also welcome Julie to the Under 2's team.  Julie has moved from the Over 2's.


Please come and check out our new planning system that is up on the wall.  We are working on the individual interests of our tamariki.  Any information or stories you have from home about what your child is interested in would be greatly appreciated.

We value getting to know your tamaiti, so any information we get is useful.  The information you share helps us to provide an interesting programme.  We put stories we write, photos and artwork up on Educa.  We welcome any comments and feedback you may have.

With the weather getting warmer, we have been having loads of water play. Please put extra named clothing in your child's bag/locker. When we change the children, we often hang the clothing up to dry. If these are not named, we will be naming them discretely on the tag so we can return the items to the correct children.

We are looking forward to working with your whānau this year with lots of excitement, fun and learning. 


Over 2’s

Last month was a busy one with all our tamariki and their whānau returning from their holidays. 

We have had lots of excited children returning. To start with some were a little unsettled after their long break with their mums and whānau, but now they are settled and enjoying all the fun activities and being with their friends.

With the days being so hot we have been spending time doing lots of waterplay and cooling down in the sandpit, which the children love.  Please bring enough spare clothes and if they could come in a plastic bag that would be great.  We have also been having lots of music and dancing at mat times and the children are also enjoying this.

We had a visit from St Johns Ambulance, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.  They were able to explore the ambulance with supervision and guidance from Dave the ambulance officer and the teachers.  We hoped this visit would help some of our tamariki overcome their fear of ambulances and the sounds they make.  The children have had lots of opportunities to engage in science activities, nurturing their curiosity of how things work and cause and effect relationships.

We welcome Mamare and Jamiroquai who are new to the Over 2’s, and a warm welcome to Kristian and Wheturere from the Under 2s.  We are sure you will enjoy the challenges that the Over 2’s has to offer.