A big welcome to 2018! We would like to welcome all our new children and their whānau to Campus Creche @ Fraser. We are looking forward to bringing a positive learning experience to you and your children.

We have lots of new babies in the Under Twos and are spending time getting to know their individual rhythms and settling them in. We have an open-door policy here at Creche but if you are visiting your child during the day please respect their need to sleep and refresh their batteries for their busy stimulating day.

There have been some changes to the playground outside, with the fence between the Over Twos and Under Twos coming down to create a shared outdoor space.

This has seen some positive learning outcomes for our older Under Two tamariki as they can mix and mingle with their older peers and learn skills from them, such as making friends, verbal communication, developing control of their bodies, and strategies for active exploration.

The Over Two tamariki are learning to care for the younger children, taking care in their play so the little children are not at risk of getting hurt.

Our Ngahere trips have started up again for the Over Twos and the children are loving getting out of the centre and interacting with the environment, people, plants and wildlife they see. If you would like to come along on one of our trips please talk to one of the teachers. Seats are limited so only one extra adult may attend on any given day. We are planning a trip on Friday, 9 March to a show at Hillcrest High School and we will be taking our oldest children to this. Parents should have already signed permission for this, but if not and your child is four or close to four, please ask a teacher if your child is going.

The children have a real interest in the world around them at the moment, with a focus on insects, especially butterflies, and getting into the garden. If you could help us in any way with expertise or resources, we would greatly appreciate it.

We are looking forward to a fun filled learning year. Please remember to write comments on Educa or talk to us about your child's learning. We value your input and enjoy hearing your stories of what your children are up to at home.