Under Twos

Welcome new and returning whānau to Term One in the Under 2’s.   We have been spending our time getting to know your babies. Our time is spent engaging and enjoying time with your tamariki, taking note of their individual interests and observing where they are at in their physical development.  Soon you will see our planning up on our wall. Please take time to read this and add your voice to your child’s interests. 
With the weather being so hot we have had lots of water play and are doing our best to keep cool, with lots of water to drink on offer.

The tamariki are enjoying our nutritious meals made by Kim. Our older tamariki are eating in the kai room with the Over 2’s. This gives them an opportunity to begin building relationships with all the Kaiako while building their social skills.  

Kate, Ina, Lina and Becca are here to help you and your baby settle in and enjoy your journey over the year. There will be lots of messy play, stories, music, physical challenges, laughter and love in our room.  You are all welcome to come and join us anytime.

Over Twos

A massive congratulations to our Van Tonder whānau. Riku (Dad) has recently returned from America with the ranking of third in the world for Archery. Congratulations Riku and welcome home.

We have welcomed Mel Pakai-Ross from Kauri at Hillcrest. She is settling in well and enjoying getting to know your tamariki their whānau and the new routines of our centre.

We have been busy this month welcoming different whānau back to Fraser and recognising the development your tamariki have gained throughout the summer break.

Together our roopu have started to create a treaty within our environment that states - Care for ourselves, Care for each other and Care for our environment. We use words like “gentle hands and using kind words”. This is to support our tamariki with learning to understand the rules and boundaries at Fraser while understanding that everyone has a place and they come here to enjoy being at Creche.

We are looking forward to the months ahead while we build relationships with you all.

Check out some of the cool things our tamariki have been enjoying.