Director’s Message

It is hard to believe that it is November already. It has been a very busy year at Creche and no doubt for you too.

We had our ERO visit the week after Labour weekend which went very well. It was a successful visit which we can all celebrate, knowing that Creche provides many opportunities for children to grow and develop in a nurturing supportive environment. ERO were pleased with the very hard work that the staff have done developing their self-review systems and that the Creche philosophy underpins what happens here. We have strong robust systems in place.  ERO will be sending out a formal written report by the end of the month which will then be made available to parents.

Sue Bennett, Director


We welcome Lincoln and his whānau to Whekī. We look forward to getting to know you and working together in partnership. 

We farewell Vincent and Caleb and wish them all the very best in their new adventure at Kōwhai.

Last month the children and teachers celebrated Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights, by sharing Indian sweets and a colourful centre display.

As the weather is getting warmer, we are heading outside more often. Please bring a NAMED sunhat for your child. A suitable sunhat has a brim, neck covering and tie under the chin (no caps). The sunscreen we use is Sunsense Sensitive SPF 30+. If your child requires a different sunscreen, please provide a named one.

Thank you, Whekī Team


What a busy time of year it is. Christmas is looming so we are working hard to be ready. Only 4 weeks until our party. Yay.

As usual we have children in transition. We welcome Vincent, Caleb and their families from Whekī. We are farewelling Atilini, LJ and Sacha. Sad to be saying goodbye but we know you are all ready.

We are joining Nīkau for a trip to Auckland Zoo at the end of month. If you would like your child to go please ensure you return your form and money to a teacher.

Our grounds are looking wonderful after their spruce up and we’re hoping the weather allows full use of them. At least we have a great deck. Good weather also means we can go for walks more often.

Roll on summer.


The Christmas Party is fast approaching and we are making a start on Christmas presents. Just a reminder to all, please return your forms ASAP. 

Some of our tamariki have been showing an interest in campfires. This has been displayed here at Creche and the Arboretum. To support and extend on this, we joined Kauri (Preschool) recently for a campfire. The tamariki experienced watching it being lit, and the smoke blowing in the wind. But the highlight was definitely toasting marshmallows. Yummy.

We recently went on a trip to Raglan where tamariki engaged in risk taking as they discovered the new playground. We all enjoyed sitting together and ate very yummy fish and chips on the grass. 

After lunch there was time to explore the beach, play in the sand and splash each other in the water. We really did have a fun day out. Thank you so much to all the parents and whānau who joined us on this trip. We could never have done it without your support. 



Our grounds have had a revamp with staff and some parents coming in to help. We would like to thank Sam and Lawrence (who have their tamariki in Maire) for all their hard work. The place looks beautiful.

Work on the back hill has restarted again and the tamariki have enjoyed watching the progress they have made so far. 

ERO have visited and gone. We enjoyed their visit here with us and the positive way in which the review was implemented. Thank you Michelle and Shirley.

Our tamariki have a growing interest currently in constructing. We are looking at this area for our group interest.

We are looking forward to our trip to Kelly Tarltons in December and we have also decided to have a little visit to the Berry Farm in November.

The Christmas Party is fast approaching and Maire are all go, getting presents done and learning the Christmas songs.

We would like to welcome LJ to Maire and hope that his whānau enjoy their time here again. We have had 5 of his brothers and sisters here in Maire, so it’s awesome to see them back.


Kia ora Whānau

We would like to welcome all our new and transitioning children and their whānau to Kauri. We are looking forward to lots of fun and learning with you during your time with us.

Over the last month we have had lots of interest in the carpentry area, with the use of real tools and learning real skills. 

If you have any resources such as offcuts of wood or special expertise you can share with the children, we would appreciate any and all input.

We are currently practicing songs for a performance we would like to put on for whānau. Group Time children will start off the performance at 4.30 pm, Wednesday, 19 November with their play and from 5.00 pm the other children will join in with their repertoire of songs and actions. This performance will take place in Kauri and we welcome extended family to come and watch as well. There will be a light snack and refreshments after the performance.

We will be focussing much of our artistic efforts this month to organising for the Christmas Party on Friday, 5 December. We do need to know who will be attending this and need numbers of all children and adults for catering purposes. Please fill in an RSVP form and hand to a teacher as soon as possible. We hope to see you there. 

Kauri Team

Change of Sessions

Please remember that a minimum of 3 weeks notice is to be given for any changes in sessions and finishing dates. This notification must be given to the Creche Office in writing. 

Holiday Programme 

We are very excited to have Hillcrest Normal School as our new venue. We have had requests from parents asking for the hours to be extended. As a trial next year we will be open from 8.00 am to 5.30 pm. We will also be trialling daily bookings.

The January programme will run from Monday, 19 January through to Friday, 30 January (closed on Monday, 26 January for Anniversary Day).

We have had interest to run the programme for an extra week in January - the week beginning 12 January 2015. To make this possible we would need a minimum of 15 children and the programme would run from 8.30 am to 4.00 pm. Please let the Creche Office know by Friday, 28 November if you would like your child/ren to attend.  Parents will receive confirmation by Tuesday, 2 December if the programme will run that week. A non refundable payment for this week will be required by Wednesday, 10 December.

Enrolment forms are available from the Creche Office. Alternatively, e-mail us and we can e mail this to you.

Christmas Break

Creche does not close down over the Christmas break (except for public holidays). Centres will combine over this period based on the number of children attending. 

Reduced Hours over Christmas Break

Creche will be open from 8.30 am to 4.00 pm over the 2 week period Monday, 22 December 2014 to Friday, 2 January 2015.

We ask that parents please respect these reduced opening and closing times. A late fee of $50.00 per half hour will be charged should your child not be collected on time. A fee schedule for this period is available from your child’s Centre and the Creche Office.

Normal Creche hours will resume from Monday, 5 January 2015.

Christmas Absences

If your child is going to be absent from Creche over this period, we must receive written notification.

Parents have the following options:

  • If you haven’t used your 2 weeks free for 2014 you can use this. Written notification must be received at the Creche Office by Friday, 28 November.
  • If you have used your 2 weeks free for 2014 and we receive notification before Friday, 28 November, you may be eligible for a discount. Discounts based on 50% for Under 3 years and 25% for Over 3 years

Full fees will be charged for children who are absent for 3 weeks or more.

Christmas Break Public Holidays

Please remember that the following days are public holidays and we will be closed:

  • Thursday, 25 December
  • Friday, 26 December
  • Thursday, 1 January
  • Friday, 2 January

Full fees are charged for these days.

If your child does not attend Creche everyday and one of your days fall on any of these days, we may be able to swap this day for another in the same week. If you would like to do this, please make sure you e-mail Tracey to ask if this is possible or complete a Change of Sessions/Days form.

Creche Christmas Party

Our Christmas Party will be on Friday, 5 December commencing at 5.00 pm. 

For new parents this is a “not to be missed” occasion, with Santa in attendance along with many other exciting activities. The children, parents and teachers thoroughly enjoy this. 

The party costs $25.00 per child and will be charged to your Creche account for those that RSVP.  This cost covers a present for your child from Santa, a present that your child has made for you, entertainment and food at the Christmas Party.

Please remember to RSVP by Friday, 21 November.

We need numbers for catering purposes. Please RSVP by e-mailing or by completing the Christmas Party form that is in your child’s Centre.  

Extended family members will need to purchase tickets from the Creche Office at $5.00 per person. Payment for extra tickets must be made by cash or cheque to the Creche Office and will be available for purchase up until Friday, 21 November.

Change of Clothes

Please ensure your child/ren come to Creche with a change of clothes. As the warmer weather approaches, we will be having lots of water play. Please make sure you have your child’s name on all clothes.

Is Your Child Finishing at Creche?

Please remember that we require 3 weeks written notice to the Creche Office if your child is finishing at Creche or if you are changing your child’s enrolled sessions. Our staffing is prepared in advance and is based on the number of children booked in to attend each day. 

Full fees will be charged in lieu of insufficient notice.

Notification can be made either by e-mail to or by completing an Absences & Final Date Notification form which is available from your child’s Centre or the Creche Office.

If you are intending for your child to return in 2015 (after finishing at Creche) then a new Enrolment Form must be completed and your child will go back on to our waiting list. Priority is given to children who have previously attended Creche, however we cannot guarantee places.


Please ensure all photos have been paid for at the Creche Office. Any photos not wanted will be returned to Avon Studios next week.


The hairdresser will be at Creche on Tuesday, 9 December. If you would like your child/ren to have a haircut please let staff know by Monday, 8 December.

Change in Details

Have any of your contact details or emergency contacts changed? If so, please ensure you have completed a Change in Details form.

It would be much appreciated if all parents completed one to ensure that all their details are correct. Forms are available in your child’s Centre or alternatively e mail us.


Please remember to notify Creche if your child is going to be absent or is away for the day. It is important that we know why your child is absent – especially if they are away sick. If we have a few cases of a similar infectious illness we must notify the Waikato Health Board.

Absences can be texted through to 0272 919 540, e mailed or telephoned through.