We had a very successful visit from the Education Review Office in August and we have received a 3 year review which means that we are well placed to provide positive learning outcomes for your children. They have given us some valuable feedback and we will be working on meeting their recommendations over the coming months.

Over 2’s

We have had a busy and productive term in the Over Twos. We welcomed Rico and Zaliah, who transitioned from the Under Twos and who have settled in so well.  We also welcome Azalea who is new to Creche.

All the children have been enjoying their regular visits to the Taitua Arboretum or Pukemokemoke Bush Reserve and are getting to experience the many changes to the outdoor environment with the weather warming up. There are different sights, sounds and smells occurring over the spring time and the chickens and ducks at the Arboretum are laying and hatching broods of chicks at the moment.

With all the rain there is lots of mud which the children are naturally attracted to. Messy play stimulates the senses. The tactile experience gained during messy play helps little ones experience a variety of textures. During messy play, children are developing eye hand co‑ordination and fine motor skills. What looks like a mess on the surface is truly a learning experience for your child and can also be quite relaxing.  

We are currently reviewing our outdoor environment and are thinking of removing the fence outside between the Under Twos and Over Twos. This will give more learning opportunities for both groups of children who will have more opportunities to interact together when they are both outside. It will also give the Over 2’s a larger space and thus more learning opportunities. We welcome any feedback you have on this idea so please share your thoughts with any of the teachers. Plans and a review will be up shortly for all to see.

We are looking forward to more sunny days over the coming term, allowing us to spread out a bit more, kick some balls and soak in the vitamin D.

We have had some changes to the teaching team in the Over 2’s, with Carol coming in as the team leader and April joining the team.  Sharmila has sadly left us. We wish her all the very best for her future and hope she will come in and visit when she can.   We also have a new teacher, Hanah, starting on 20 November.

Under 2’s

What a busy time we’ve had exploring lots of textures this month. We’ve had flour, water, gloop, and paint out for us to experience and discover.

Julie is now permanent in the U2’s but will bounce back to the O2’s as needed. She is a valued member of our team. Please make her feel welcome.

We have had 2 wonderful students – Neha and Penny. They have fitted in well to our team and have added to our everyday curriculum.

We are getting outside more. Please remember to bring a named change of clothing in so if your children get wet or messy, we can change them, ensuring they are clean and warm.