Director's Message

It’s lovely to be having day light savings with the longer evenings and some warmer weather.  The children are enjoying being outside exploring the world.

ERO reviewers, Michelle and Shirley will be onsite on Tuesday, 28 and Wednesday, 29 October in the mornings. They are hoping to interview some parents about Creche. The interviews will only take a few minutes.

Look out for the important dates, especially the Christmas Party. Planning is underway for this and it promises to be a great event for families.

Sue Bennett, Director


We welcome Alaan, Faith, Luca, Keaton, Tristen and their whānau to Whekī.  We look forward to getting to know you all and working together with you in partnership. We farewell Emmie and her whānau. Emmie is starting at Kōwhai and is already having so much fun with her big friends.

At Whekī we follow the philosophy of the freedom of movement for our tamariki.  Freedom of movement means allowing children time and space to move and develop at a natural pace and can be summed up with Magda Gerber’s caveat “Never put a baby into a position she cannot get into or out of herself”.

However, for example, if infants have been put into a sitting position at home they may become frustrated lying down, and we will show respect for the child by following their cues.  (Respect for the child is important above all else here at Whekī).

“Children who can move naturally through the developmental milestones were not only more able physically but also more able intellectually, socially and emotionally. Freedom of movement promotes the focus and motivation needed for self-education and gives the infant a lasting view of herself as a competent learner.”

(Pikler, in Christie, T. (2011) Respect. A practitioner's guide to calm and nurturing infant care and education. New Zealand: Childspace Early Childhood Institute.)


We have been busy saying hello and goodbye to children and their whānau.  Amreen and Jaiden have moved to Nīkau. Markus is currently transitioning to Maire. We will miss you all very much. New children Emmie, Lara and Rohan have joined us. A big welcome to them.

Some of our children went on a trip to Taitua Arboretum recently. While we have spacious, verdant grounds, there is nothing like the great outdoors. With improving weather this should be the first of many in the coming months along with walks to the University.


We would like to welcome all the new tamariki and their whānau to Nīkau. Sadly, we have also said goodbye to some tamariki but we know that they will all enjoy being at Kauri.

Over the last couple of weeks you will have noticed some changes to our outdoor environment. We have planted some vegetables and herbs in the tyre gardens. The tamariki are taking really good care of these and watering them daily. Thank you Tim and Steve for their help in developing this area.

Keep Wednesday, 22 October free for a trip to Raglan!


It has been another busy month in Maire. We have had another visit to the Hamilton Museum but this time we took our youngest tamariki. From all the shrieking I am guessing that the bus ride there and home again was the highlight.

On Thursday, 18 September, Maire attended the annual Kīngitanga Day. Kīngitanga Day celebrates the University’s distinctive identity, heritage and relationships. Since its founding in 1964, the University of Waikato has had strong connections with the Kīngitanga, Waikato-Tainui and many other iwi across the country. We visited the library and were lucky enough to watch two kapa haka teams perform, Te kohanga reo o nga kuaka and Fairfield Intermediate. The tamariki really seemed to enjoy the performances.

We have also visited the bike park at the velodrome with 7 tamariki and our mocka bikes. The tamariki were able to ride on all three tracks, even though one of the tracks tested their skills.

We would like to welcome Markus and his whānau to Maire and hope you enjoy your time here with us.

We would also like to farewell Quintin & Caleb who have just started their big move to Kauri. We wish you and your whānau all the very best. I am sure we will still see you around.


Over the primary school holidays we enjoyed a mini Holiday Programme of our own, with dress up days, shared kai and many more fun things. Some of our children had siblings attending holiday programmes elsewhere and so this was a great opportunity to make links with the wider community and ensure that our children could experience some activities that they might encounter later in life if they attend a similar programme. This was a great success with the children and whānau getting on-board with these activities.

We are currently replanting our vegetable garden with the children for the new season. If you have any donations of seedlings or seeds these would be greatly appreciated. Also we are still after plumbing pipes for the children to get creative with. Remember your trash is our treasure…if you’re not sure if we’ll want it, just ask.

With the warmer weather on its way we will begin sun screening children and encouraging the wearing of hats. If your child brings their own hat please make sure it is named along with all clothes, this enables teachers to return clothes to the rightful owners and we are not left with copious amounts of lost property.


We always appreciate input from our families, so if you think you have something special to share with the children, a special skill or passion, or even just some time to read to them, then please let us know.

Ka kite ano

Kauri Team

Holiday Programme

Our September/October Holiday Programme was a blast! We had a fantastic bunch of children who all had a great time. Being at The Station allowed the children to participate in what they liked; outdoor play, craft activities, the media room and free play. One of our highlights was going to Bullswool Farm and interacting with all the animals. Bowling was also a crowd favourite, with lots of children getting strikes.

When the weather was fine, we took trips to the University grounds where we played games, flew kites and soaked up the sunshine. Craft was always on offer and many of our children made spectacular art works and craft. We made candle holders, masks, kites, pot plants, t-shirts and much more. We played on scooters and bikes, had running races and relay. When the children got tired, they were able to relax indoors or watch the movie of the day.

The children were asked what they liked and lots of them replied “the food!”. We made smoothies, had fresh fruit and vegies daily, sandwiches and a few treats.

All up it was very successful and we are all looking forward to next time!


The photos have arrived back and have been in your child’s centre to be viewed. Photo packs cannot be taken home until payment has been received by a teacher or at the Creche Office.  Payment can only be made by cash or cheque.

Labour Weekend

Please remember that we will be closed on Monday, 27 October for Labour Weekend. Full fees are charged for this day. If your child does not attend Creche everyday and one of your days fall on this Monday, we may be able to swap this day for another in the same week. If you would like to do this, please make sure you e-mail Tracey to ask if this is possible or complete a Change of Sessions/Days form.

Public holidays during the Christmas Break can also be swapped for days during the same week.

Christmas Break

Creche does not close down over the Christmas break. Centres will remain open based on the number of children attending over this period and some centres will combine.

For the 2 week period Monday, 22 December through to Friday, 2 January, the Creche hours will reduce to 8.30 am to 4.00 pm.

If your child is going to be absent from Creche over this period we must receive written notification. Full fees will be charged for children who are absent for 3 weeks or more.

Parents have the following options:

If you haven’t used your 2 weeks free for 2014 you can use this. Written notification to be received at the Creche Office by Friday, 28 November.

$20.00 (or 50% of fee normally payable by for WINZ parents – whichever is the lesser) charged per week of absence if written notice is received at the Creche Office by Friday, 17 October.

If you have used your 2 weeks free for 2014 and we receive notification after 18 October you may be eligible for discount.  Discounts based on 50% for Under 3 years and 25% for Over 3 years.  Again, 3 weeks written notice to be received at the Creche Office no later than Friday, 28 November to be eligible for these discounted fees.

We ask that parents please respect these reduced opening and closing times.  A late fee of $50.00 per half hour will be charged should your child not be collected on time.

A fee schedule for this period is available from your child’s Centre and the Creche Office.

Normal Creche hours will resume from Monday, 5 January 2015.

Please remember that a minimum of 3 weeks notice is to be given for any changes in sessions and finishing dates. This notification must be given to the Creche Office in writing.

Creche Christmas Party

Our annual children’s Christmas Party will be on Friday, 5 December commencing at 5.00 pm.

For new parents this is a “not to be missed” occasion, with Santa in attendance along with many other exciting activities. The children, parents and teachers thoroughly enjoy this.

The cost per child is $25.00 and will be charged to your Creche account for those that RSVP. This cost covers a present for your child from Santa, a present that your child has made for you, entertainment and food at the Christmas Party.

Parents will need to RSVP by Friday, 21 November to enable us to cater for the numbers. Please RSVP by e-mailing or by completing the Christmas Party form that will be put in your child’s Centre. We need to know numbers so that we can cater for food.

Extended family members will need to purchase tickets from the Creche Office at $5.00 per person. Payment for extra tickets must be made by cash or cheque to the Creche Office and will be available for purchase up until Friday, 21 November.

Is Your Child Finishing at Creche?

Please remember that we require 3 weeks written notice to the Creche Office if your child is finishing at Creche or if you are changing your child’s enrolled sessions. Our staffing is prepared in advance and is based on the number of children booked in to attend each day.

Notification can be made either by e-mail to or by completing an Absences & Final Date Notification form which is available from your child’s Centre or the Creche Office.

If you are intending for your child to return in 2015 (after finishing up at Creche) then a new Enrolment Form must be completed and your child will go back on to our waiting list. Priority is given to children who have previously attended Creche, however we cannot guarantee places.

Change in Details

Have any of your contact details or emergency contacts changed? If so, please ensure you have completed a Change in Details form.

It would be much appreciated if all parents completed one to ensure that all their details are correct. Forms are available in your child’s Centre or alternatively e-mail us.


Please remember to notify Creche if your child is going to be absent or is away for the day. It is important that we know why your child is absent – especially if they are away sick.  If we have a few cases of a similar infectious illness we must notify the Waikato Health Board.

Absences can be texted through to 0272 919 540, e mailed or telephoned through.