Tēnā koutou

We have had a fantastic month, with the introduction of supplied meals, the start of warmer weather and a lessening of winter illnesses.

The children have really enjoyed the meals cooked by Kim and have got to try many new foods as well as having some familiar favourites. Occasionally the menu differs slightly due to availability of foods and the number of children present, but it is always a nutritional meal that we believe your child/ren will enjoy. We will begin adding new meals to our menu rotation once the children become familiar with what is currently offered.

If you have an abundance of fruit or vegetables at home and would like to donate these to Creche we would be very grateful.  We will have a bowl at reception should you wish to do so, or hand these directly to Kim.

Under Twos

In the Under Twos room, you may have noticed a few changes to the environment and to how the teachers are interacting with the children. Mel and Ina attended a conference in Auckland last month and the main themes of this conference were “Less is more, Slow down, In their own time (‘ā tōna wā’)”.  We have removed a lot of toys and introduced the crawling ramps to help children develop their balance, co-ordination, and gross motor skills as they reach milestones of crawling and walking. Teachers are slowing down and spending quality time with the children through routine times such as feeding and nappy changing.

We took four children to visit Trevellyn Rest Home last month, which was a great hit with both the children and the elderly residents. There has been extensive research into the benefits of these types of visits and we hope to make these visits more regular.

Over Twos

The Over Twos continue their weekly excursions to the Taitua Arboretum, Kauri at Hillcrest and Pukemokemoke Bush Reserve. These are times when the children can explore nature, experience the seasons, interact with others outside their own Creche environment and gain confidence in themselves as they interact with both familiar and new experiences.

We were lucky enough to be invited to watch the Fraser High School Kapa Haka group practice for a performance that they have coming up. What a wonderful opportunity to extend their knowledge of Te Reo and waiata. We hope to be able to keep the relationship with the High School going and would love to be able to watch the Polynesian Club practice also. If you have contacts at the school and can help us out in this area it would be much appreciated.