November 2017 - Fraser

We had a very successful visit from the Education Review Office in August and we have received a 3 year review which means that we are well placed to provide positive learning outcomes for your children. 

Holiday Programme - October 2017

The October Holiday Programme was a great success with lots of art work produced and fun had in the sunshine.  Tamariki thoroughly enjoyed the trips to Extreme Edge Rock Climbing and Ten Pin Bowling.

October 2017 - Hillcrest

We are finally getting some sunshine which gives everyone a positive outlook.  Tamariki are loving being outside enjoying the warmer weather.  

September 2017 - Hillcrest

It is spring time and the children continue to enjoy getting out into the community and exploring nature.

August 2017 - Hillcrest

We have been continuing to go on our nature walks and have been exploring different areas at the University. The children are enjoying these journeys immensely and are able to investigate at their own pace and lead their own learning through the undergrowth of the trees, as well as in the leaves. There are many exciting discoveries to be had as well as new sensory experiences to be treasured.

June 2017 - Hillcrest

It is with great excitement that I write this and let you know that the new Maire centre will be operating from Monday, 26 June.   

May 2017 - Hillcrest

The winter weather is suddenly upon us with more rain and colder temperatures.  

May 2017 - Fraser

Campus Creche @ Fraser celebrated its First Birthday on 9 May. It has been a busy and rewarding year for us and we thank all the parents who were able to make it for the party to celebrate with us.

March 2017 - Fraser

We had a visit from St Johns Ambulance, which the children thoroughly enjoyed.  They were able to explore the ambulance with supervision and guidance from Dave the ambulance officer and the teachers.  

March 2017

Progress on finishing the new Maire building is progressing.  The deck is being built, the contractors are connecting all the services and there is some landscaping to be done to finish the project.