May 2015 - Newsletter

Even in the winter weather the children like to get outside to play. Please make sure your child is warmly dressed and has a change of clothes, so that they can enjoy all areas of the curriculum.

April 2015 - Newsletter

Autumn is here and we are enjoying slightly cooler days. Children continue to enjoy the outdoors, so remember to add an extra layer when you dress them.  

March 2015 - Newsletter

We have lots of new children and their families just starting Creche.  We welcome you all.  

December 2014 - Newsletter

It is hard to believe it is December already, the year has flown by. I am very pleased to report that we received an excellent ERO report. 

November 2014 - Newsletter

Our ERO visits have gone well - the ERO were pleased with our self-review systems and that the Creche philosophy underpins what happens here. Look out for the formal report due soon.

October 2014 - Newsletter

It’s lovely to be having day light savings with the longer evenings and some warmer weather. Our ERO reviewers, will be onsite this month in morningsfor short interviews, and look out for important dates, such as our Chistmas Party.