3 months to 18 months

“Providing a trusting partnership with parents where babies well-being is nurtured”

Whekī cares for babies aged from 3 months to 14-18 months.  Our ratio is 1 adult to 4 bablies, and we are licensed for 19 children.

At Whekī, we provide education and care for children aged 3 months to 14-18 months. Our programme includes learning based on Te Whāriki (New Zealand’s Early Childhood Curriculum), where learning is visible, supports children’s interests and is documented in various ways.


We recognize and meet children’s individual needs in a consistent, nurturing, respectful manner. We provide daily routines that are tailored to each child’s individual rhythm and needs for care, food, sleep, play and social interactions. Because of this reason, we think it is important to treasure this time and make it a time where the relationship is developed and strengthened.


Throughout the day, children engage in free play – there are opportunities for the child to engage in a range of age and stage appropriate activities at their own pace and according to their interests. The activities are both indoors and outdoors and include sensory play, heuristic play, loose-parts play, music, nature exploration, books and puzzles, fine and gross motor challenges, messy play and cultural activities. 


The philosophy of respect is very important to us, and everything that we do is based on creating an environment that will reflect this for the children.

Because of our philosophy of free movement and children being able to get into and out of positions by themselves, we provide lots of climbing equipment for the children to practice on. To support free movement, we also create an environment where there is a lot of space for the children to move around. When children have been given the opportunities to develop calculated risk under the safe observations of adults, they have a really good understanding of what they can and cannot do, and they also develop the skills to assess risk and if they can take on that risk to challenge and extend their abilities.  


We embrace and celebrate the bicultural heritage and cultural diversity of all our tamariki, whānau and kaiako at Whekī.


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